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I Cater to Us

Apr 17 '12

I can’t stand it when people come in to have dinner and recreate their own version of the menu. The “sides” list does not mean you can pick and choose from it, however you want. It’s a list of extra food and it costs extra money. I had a guy a while back practically bully me into changing the menu so he could get a free rice and beans instead of just rice. After I told him I could not, because our rice and beans has pork as well, and thus costs more to make, he said the five words no server EVER wants to hear, “Let me see your manager.” Did he get his way? Yes, because that particular manager is a bitch. Which brings me to another point, managers need to have server’s backs more! Don’t make me look like the asshole when clearly the customer is on an unnecessary power trip. That shit makes me hate myself for working here, and hate you for being a little bitch. That’s all I’ll say for now. 

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